Location: Leeds, UK
Date: 2008-2014
Client: Leeds Partnership
Status: Invited competition
Size: 27.000 m²
Credits: ACME Team (Julia Cano, Stefano Dal Piva, Sebastian Drewes, Friedrich Ludewig, Adam Modesitt, Heidrun Schuhmann, Penny Sperbund, Naiara Vegara)
The winning competition entry for a proposed John Lewis department store is part of a larger scheme in the Eastgate Quarter of Leeds. The building is visible from Eastgate & New York Road and forms an edge to the new Blomfield Square at the end of Harewood Quarter. The facade of the building is inspired by the sculptural and woollen trade history of Leeds and its many historic sculpted Yorkshire stone buildings. While the organization of the elevations appears relatively linear in plan view, we are explore the sculptural possibilities of integrating large creases and patterns within the treatment of the facades - responding in scale and form to different ratios and speeds of external perception. The whole facade will become locally transparent and permeable with openings responding in both size and aspect to the nature of the internal uses beyond.