Date: 2014
Client: ADIDAS
Size: 46,400 m2
Credits: ACME Team (Julia Cano, Andrea Collar Loyer, Friedrich Ludewig, Paolo Moretto,Walee Phiriyaphongsak, Stefano Rocchetti, Jan Saggau)
CONSULTANTS: Knippers Helbig (structural engineer), Transsolar (energy consultants), BAL (cost consultants)
The new building for the Adidas World of Sports (WoS) combines three functions, a work place of the future for 2000 people, a welcome point for visitors to the campus and to be visible from a distance as an icon and trademark of Adidas in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The surrounding World of Sports is an open landscape without the limitations of a rigid urban grid, an open horizon and a space to walk and explore, think and play, run and compete. Sport thrives on movement in the area, of coping with distance, height and depth. This open landscape of the campus is a quality and a space of opportunities that should be experienced in a new building for Adidas.