Location: OMAN
Date: 2011
Size: 1.2 ha
Credits: ACME (Baptiste Bernard, Friedrich Ludewig, Deena Fakhro, Marie Isabel de Monseignat, Penny Sperbund, Keigo Yoshida, Adam Vukmanov, Bernard Zammit)
Consultants: WSP
Acme was approched to design a private residence located on the coast of Oman on a man made Island. The architectural language of the residence needed to reflect the principles of best achieved Islamic architecture with reference to local architectural traditions. Historically, large residences in the region were not single buildings but a collection of buildings of different functions and identities, interconnected and arranged around a central courtyard. The spatial layout of this residence was based on this tradition; individual boxes connected with a central internalised space allowing for cross circulation. The central courtyard, acted as the space that links all boxes, a space of transition and greeting, whilst the glass links in between the individual boxes connected the spaces to their closest adjacent spaces. The different functions are housed in individual ‘boxes’, public functions placed to the south and private functions to the north, each opening up to strategic views around the site. Traditional architecture was also expressed in the building elevations and interior design. Additionally, the project also included a thorough analysis on the local fauna and flora for the regeneration strategy of local salt marshes and existing wadi, as well as sea bed and marine analysis for the creation of private man made beach and a 3 yachts marina. The project also included the design of 500m bridge, and a 15 guards 1,000m² guardhouse.