Location: Bahrain
Date: 2008-2012
Client: MAF Properties
Status: Concept Design
Size: 75.000m2
Credits: ACME Team (Kelvin Chu, Thibaut Claessens, Friedrich Ludewig, Isabel de la Mora, Teresa Yeh)
The community shopping mall typically has one or more major tenants, such as retail, department store, electronic products, supermarket, home furnishing, sporting goods and entertainment uses. It is intended to meet general shopping needs while also providing a wider range of goods and services than is typically found in neighbourhood centres. The main retail elements, that determine the whole configuration of the shopping mall scheme are: Carrefour, Magic Planet, a Cinema zone and Catering/resting Areas. One needs generic prototypes to deploy and deliver concepts successfully and quickly. But each site and project has specific challenges, constraints, opportunities and potential pitfalls. It is important to use the prototype for these elements that benefit from repetition and generic deployment, but to retain flexibility within the deployment to adapt and react to local conditions. The scheme comprises circa 50,000 m² of retail at first floor above customer grade level car parking in Phase 1. Phase 2 comprises conversion of circa 30,000 m² of the grade level car parking to retail, to a total of 80,000 m². The car park will be expanded through the addition of a MSCP to a total of 2,780 spaces, creating car parking spaces with level access on Carrefour level. This scheme minimizes capital cost in Phase 1 and offers greater flexibility in terms of retail and car park organization.