Location: BAHRAIN
Date: 2009
Size: 2,150M2
ACME Team (Kelvin Chu, Stefano Dal Piva, Deena Fakhro, Michael Haller, Friedrich Ludewig, Isabel de la Mora)

Bahrain City Centre, a regional shopping mall in Manama , was partially completed and opened when the client decided that the foodcourt required a revised interior design concept. The client provided a very simple brief: changing the appearance and the experience of eating in the food court with the minimum operational disruption. The new design should relate to the shopping centre’s main theme: water. The proposal consists on an array of a simple element along a complex surface to form a new ceiling for the food court. By replacing the ceiling the new design obtains the maximum effect with the minimum disruption for the foodcourt. Temporary scaffolding can ensure that restaurants continue trading during construction. The simplicity and repetitiveness of each prefabricated element ensures construction is quick and easy. The final effect, despite the simplicity of the module, an open cube, is a fluid wave ceiling that resembles the turbulences and waves of the water surface when a stone is dropped from above. Different sizes of waves and ceiling heights create a range of character zones such as wide and tall spaces with large tables for banquettes or smaller spaces for a more intimate dining experience.