Location: ROMANIA
Date: 2009 - 2011
Client: BELROM Real Estate
Size: 183,000 m²
Credits: ACME Team (Isabel de la Mora, Stefano Dal Piva, Friedrich Ludewig, Naiara Vegara)
Colentina Square is located 20 minutes north-east from the city centre along the main road that connects Bucharest to the South- Eastern part of the country. The green topography of the roofs and square brings back the urban green quality that the Colentina neighbourhood lacks. Due to the accommodation of a DIY and a Hypermarket, the public realm becomes a game of varying levels that guides visitors through the scheme while providing more than one trading level. Softer transitions between levels create a public realm so that the DIY and Hypermarket feel part of the ‘ground floor’ even though they are located above each other at -3.5m and +3.5m level respectively. The ways people move between the levels of retail are crucial to avoid an impression of ‘basement’ or ‘first floor’. The design encourages circulation through the scheme to create a lively public realm enhanced by dynamic soft topographies in the heart of Colentina’s neighbourhood.