Location: Qatar
Date: 2009
Status: Invited competition
Size: Bridge span: bridge1 100m, bridge 2 90m, Souq with 36 and 25 Retail units
Credits: ACME Team (Julia Cano, Stefano Dal Piva, Deena Fakhro, Michael Haller, Friedrich Ludewig, Anna Psenicka)
Consultants: AKT
As part of the Lusail development in Qatar, two pedestrian souq bridges were proposed to interconnect the Corniche Souq at the waterfront of the Qetaifan Islands. The concrete souq bridges are designed to strengthen the relationship between the development and the waterfront by creating an inhabited bridge structure that takes the boardwalk over the sea. On the one hand, the bridge becomes an integral part of the Corniche Souq structure, inspired by the historic build heritage. On the other hand, these new bridges offer the opportunity to create new landmarks and attractions, seen nowhere else, that create new and exciting relationships between users and the marina. The main structure for the concrete souq bridges consists of a single span concrete arch. The central deck remains lower than the main arches at mid-span to ensure minimum vertical articulation and gradients for ease of use. The concrete arch structure works in conjunction with a system of intersecting concrete walls, which stabilize and stiffen the extremely shallow arch. The bridge and the souq can be experienced in different ways through several paths, allowing pedestrians either to be closer to the water edge or to be more central at moments. Meandering arches forming the structure accommodate retail units that are layered to create shaded arcades along the waterfront edge of the bridge, providing a comfortable pedestrian environment.