Location: Romania
Date: 2009-2011
Client: Belgrom
Status: Concept Design
Size: 55,000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Knut Brunier, Julia Cano, Nick Channon, Stefano Dal Piva, Friedrich Ludewig, Marie Isabel de Monseignat, Frederic Meurisse, Neil Samson, Keigo Yoshida, Naiara Vegara)
Electroputere Craiova is located on an industrial site that has direct access to Bulevardul IC Bratianu, with connections to the city centre, and to Calea Bucuresti, with links to Bucharest. The new retail complex will be built within the existing industrial shed of what used to be Electroputere S.A., an electric power company founded in 1949, and today one of the largest industrial companies in Romania. The shed functions as four separate halls, owing to the different spatial qualities and structural orientations within it. Pathways are also introduced over two levels, adding character to the surrounding structures. The centre hall consists mainly of a retail-themed circulation path, while leisure and sports facilities, food courts, restaurants and a casino are all housed in the peripheral halls. The previously monotonous and massive building is penetrated by diamond-shaped volumes, which proliferate between the facade and the interior space. This creates a new perception of the shed and helps to identify the main entrance gates to the building.