Date: 2011
Credits: ACME Team (Nick Channon, Friedrich Ludewig, Frederic Meurisse, Isabel de la Mora, Roberta Pari, Naiara Vegara)
Acme was invited to explore possible refurbishment options for Monument Mall in Newcastle. With an extremely tight budget and various tenant constraints, the refurbishment had to include accommodation for a double floor TK Maxx, Barclays bank, sub-ground level Sainsbury's and smaller ground level retailers. Different options focused upon themes concerned with minimising potential landlord areas and maximising open flexible floor areas. A landlord staircase option investigated the potential for the Mall to have its Western Corner, with views onto monument square and along touristic Grey Street, developed as a new leisure/restaurant destination. A major restaurant was proposed for the top floor occupying a key position underneath the existing dome which was to be accessed from a new feature stair-case. An existing sky-light and atrium were incorporated with the new proposal, maximising natural lighting and ventilation benefits within the TK Maxx whilst providing a visual connection from street level in order to draw passing shoppers inside.