Location: ABERDEEN
Date: 2011-2012
Size: 3,305 SQM
Credits: ACME Team (Nick Channon, Friedrich Ludewig, Frederic Meurisse, Jan Saggau, Neil Sansom, Sofia Steffenoni, Naiara Vegara)
Union Square is a medium-sized shopping centre in Aberdeen, Scotland. The complex is composed of an interior mall and adjoining retail park facing onto a car park. The client wished to upgrade the character of the latter, providing a degree of weather protection and creating an attractive space outside the shops where customers might be encouraged to linger and browse between shops. A canopy was proposed to shelter the immediate area in front of existing shops, comprised of horizontal and vertical elements to increase weather protection. Transparent polycarbonate was selected as an appropriately economic and durable material, panels of which are twisted across their length to allow the canopy to form a more complex geometry. An articulated roof line complements this geometry, creating a completely new identity for this part of the shopping centre. Structural support for the canopy is provided via the medium of steel “trees”, which are spaced to create an attractive arcade space within the canopy. Lighting, seating and planting complement and enhance the design.