Location: Ludwigsburg
Date: 2011
Client: ECE
Status: Invited competition
Size: 8,355 sqm facade area
ACME Team(Marc Dufour-Feronce, Friedrich Ludewig, Heidrun Schuhmann)

Located in southern Germany, Ludwigsburg today is famous for its preserved Baroque centre and residence, and the Ludwigsburg Palast and pleasure gardens. Controversial from the beginning, the high rise Marstall Center was implanted into the baroque grain in the 1970s as an integrated complex, combining a commercial plinth with residential towers above.
Its sheer scale and height leaves the buildings visible from everywhere, dwarfing the context of the baroque city, and providing a depressing low level experience of bad car parking and derelict retail units. To regenerate the area and halt the decline of the Centre the Ludwigsburg, the city and the owner of the building decided to investigate how the existing scheme could be reconfigured.
Our proposal reworked the plinth to create transparency and new openings. We also defined urban entrances, which related to the baroque street grid, and created a new public space to knit together the differing urban fabrics. The façades are structured by a simple system of perforated panels, stainless steel disks, to create a playfully changing appearance reminiscent of baroque arcantus leaves. Additional balconies at high level, and a re-planting of the plinth roof as a baroque garden, should help to turn the Marstall Center into a positive landmark in the cityscape.