Location: UAE
Date: 2010
Size: 3500M2 School; 500m2 Supermarket; 850m2 Residential
ACME Team (Knut Brunier, Julia Cano, Kelvin Chu, Stefano Dal Piva, Deena Fakhro, Ana Galbin, Stephen Harker, Friedrich Ludewig, Heidrun Schuhmann, Isabel de la Mora, Naiara Vegara)

The Ras Al Khaimah School is situated in a large scale residential complex, and comprises of a kindergarten and elementary school for 150 children. In addition to the basic programme that a school requires, the centre also provides other facilities such as a car park, a supermarket, and residential facilities for the teachers and the assistants. Recapturing the local tent traditions, a series of thin hanging concrete roofs have been proposed to create canopies over the school, its courtyards, supermarket, residential and parking areas. Side openings and perforations in the roof will allow natural light to filter into the interiors. The playgrounds and courtyards will be protected from the fierce sunlight, while remaining naturally ventilated.