Location: Chungju, South Korea
Date: 2009
Client: Chungju City
Status: Competition - 3rd prize
Size: 9000m²
Credits: ACME Team(Kevin Chu, Daewon Kwak, Friedrich Ludewig, Isabel de la Mora, Monica Prenziuso, Teresa Yeh)
The UN Peace Park masterplan has been initiated to increase the number of tourist in the city of Chungju, the birthplace of Ban Ki-moon, the current UN Secretary General. The new UN memorial building will be the focal point in the UN Peace Park, comprising a 1,500 seating UN assembly hall, 2 conference halls, theatre and exhibition space. The UN Memorial should be a very prominent building within the UN peace park, creating a local landmark but also a building of national and international significance. A memorial to the UN should represent the colletive nature of the United Nations, where many individual nations are coming together to create something great, bigger then any single one of them, without losing their individual identities. The building cells represent the collective nature of the UN identity and are inhabited by the different functions in the building, ranging from exhibitions to education, conference, office, restaurant, event and public viewing platforms.