Location: LEEDS
Date: 2010
Status: Concept Design
Size: 12500 SEATS
Credits: ACME (Kevin Hung, Daewon Kwak, Friedrich Ludewig, Frederic Meurisse, Jheny Nieto)
Leeds City Council (LCC) are building a new concert arena in the city centre, on a strategically important site that is bound by the ring road. LCC commissioned ACME to develop a facade concept for the building that works with the seating and structure designed by others to promote an active opening towards the public square - the main entrance to the venue - communicating the life of the building to the outside. The facade develops the typology of the lens of a human eye as a screen, a powerful concept that expresses the internal space bursting conceptually outward from the central stage area. The project is based upon the voronoi as a spatial and structural concept, where the hexagonal sections serve both as visual relations and as public routes within the site.