Location: Wiesbaden
Date: 2016-2021
Client: REWE
Status: under construction
Size: 2,200m2
Credits: CONSULTANTS: Knippers Helbig, BGF+, ZWP, E², ECF, Spacehub/GTL
ACME TEAM: Alia Centofanti, Anna Czigler, Jon Iriondo Goena, Rangel Karaivanov, Tim Laubinger, Friedrich Ludewig, Dirk Müller, Sheena Seeley, Heidrun Schuhmann, Jack Taylor, Matei Vlasceanu
​Since 2016, ACME has been working on a REWE Green Building Market. Construction of the prototype in Wiesbaden Erbenheim in Germany commenced in 2019. Amann, the timber contractor, has completed the timber structure over an 8 weeks period in Autumn 2020.