Location: Doha, Qatar
Date: 2011 – 2012
Client: Urbacon/ PEO
Status: Invited competition
Size: 118,6 Ha
Credits: ACME: Isabela de la Mora, Friedrich Ludewig, Frederic Meurisse, Claudia Orsetti, Penny Sperbund, Ondrej Tichy, Naiara Vegara, Claudio Vilarinho, Adam Vukmanov
The existing corniche has spectacular views across the bay, but is separated from the city by highways, offers little shade or attraction and therefore is poorly visited. The proposed redevelopment is intended to create a unique, iconic and elegant waterfront providing a scenic drive with pedestrian orientated public spaces and tree shaded walks. The seafront will not only have one identity but will also be informed by the character of the city next to it, retaining and enhancing the visual and physical connectivity between each character zone and the adjacent urban areas. Catering facilities will link directly to the city, auditoria and sculpture gardens will adjoin the cultural district, while sports facilities, a hammam, playgrounds and urban furniture will enhance the beach areas.
The public realm and landscaping concept has been developed based on natural materials, inspired by the traditional ornamentation of walls and floors in the region. Local tree and plant species have been specified to create a natural habitat that is sustainable and low in water usage. The current edge between water and land consists of a 10km long concrete seawall, which is modified in the proposal to create a more diverse relation between land and sea, interpreting broad walks, beaches, steps, piers and seating areas to bring inhabitants close to the water again. Walking and cycling is encouraged by cycle paths and shadow walks, while people movers, buggies and water taxis allow for lazier modes of travel.