Location: Dubai, UAE
Date: 2014
Client: Adair Associates
Status: Concept Design
Size: 32,720m² (1,720m² commercial, 12,000m² parking, 19,000m² apartments)
Credits: ACME Team (Duarte Lobo Antunes, Friedrich Ludewig, Elisha Nathoo, Iria de la Peña)
The 445 Downtown Dubai Residential Tower is located in Business Bay, halfway between Burj Khalifa and Dubai Canal. The Business Bay master-plan sets clear urban parameters that every building must follow, including heights, setbacks, and the need to express a continuous podium connecting each building to the next. Most buildings in the context consist of glass towers, made from highly reflective glass, to limit solar gain, and adorned with exposed balconies that can’t be enjoyed.

The proposal seeks to find a climate-appropriate answer for the region by creating an efficient residential tower, which is over-clad with passive shading façades. Each apartment commands at least one curved bay of the building, to provide sweeping views in several directions. Precast concrete fins for the other shading façade for the balconies, create a simple and efficient passive shading solution that preserves internal views but provides external privacy, and creates an expressive exterior form responsive to the location.