Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date: 2014
Client: QIC
Status: Invited Competition
Size: 70,000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Xavier Bas, Ben James, Friedrich Ludewig, Eleni Meladaki, Sara Poza Ruiz, Chris Yoo)
Situated at the Southern End of Ann st, 82 Ann st is located at the western edge of Brisbane CBD bothering both Ann st and Turbot st. The design consists of 60,000 m2 Commercial/Hotel tower and 10,000 m2 Podium.

Acme’s proposal maximises the potential of the site facing two main arteries of the city by proposing flexible tower arrangement which has two address. The massing of the tower is designed to provide range of different floor plate sizes to be able to accommodate number of different tenant requirements.
The tower is separated by horizontal insertion of shared amenities with accessible outdoor gardens. Also vertical connectivity between floors are proposed with winter gardens and shared sky lobbies.

The podium of the tower, book-ended with a historical facade of the old market place is envisaged as a reinvigorated market place catering the both working population and the residential population around the site. The market place focuses on food and beverage offerings within a large roof creating semi-outdoor environment.