Location: Toulouse, France
Date: 2017-2018
Client: Klépierre
Status: Invited Competition, First Prize
Size: 43.6ha plot, 253,000m² GFA (112,000m² retail, 11,000m² F&B, 19,500m² leisure, 27,500m² office, 78,000m² housing, 5,000m² hotel)
Credits: ACME Team (Nicholas Chrysostomou, Anne-Sophie Delaveau, Laurent Dubuis, Shaban Ladha, Friedrich Ludewig, Eleni Meladaki, Vojtech Nemec, Anatolios Stathiou)

Toulouse is a city known historically as “la ville rose” for its pink-red brick buildings and famous today for its sprawling Airbus Factories. Located close to Toulouse airport, Blagnac is a faithful implementation of the 1950s American ideal of suburban mall shopping; Low density of use, excessive surface parking- monoculture.

The master plan for Blagnac seeks to preserve the parts that are working well, and to build complementary uses to increase density and use at all times. Parking is moved from the surface to denser parking structures and pedestrian streets are created to connect the site across its entire length. The southern quarter is centred around a refurbished cinema arcade containing restaurants and spaces for greenhouses and urban farming, surrounded by new offices buildings and a residential edge to the park.

The central square is anchored by a relocated supermarket and a daily food market. Towards the north, the master plan is more focused on residential uses, with typologies adapted to students, young families and temporary workers. The architectural expression and materiality of the new buildings explore several facets of Toulouse: the briques foraines and the aluminium linked to the aircraft industry which underpins the economic prosperity of the city.