Location: Chengdu, China
Date: 2017
Client: Metro Properties & Feng Qing Feng
Status: Invited competition
Size: 115.000 m2 (1500 Parking lots, 9000 m2 Office, 4000 m2 Hotel, 33000 m2 Residential)
Credits: ACME Team (Christoph Emenlauer, Kevin Leung, Loh Lizhi, Friedrich Ludewig, Sandy Rompotiyoke, Jack Taylor, Boni Yuen)

Chengdu is a 2000 year old city in Western China, known as the ‘Country of Heaven’ and ‘The Land of Abundance’. Over the last 40 years, Chengu has grown into 9 million people.
Chengdu Brocade City is part of the densification of the urban fabric around the city that is taking place at present. The extremely well connected site directly by the ring road, with metro access, can support a dense mixed use development comprising four tower buildings connected by a shared podium.

Uses envisaged for the podium are residential, hotel and offices, with the podium dedicated to retail, leisure, parking, cinemas and a Metro store.
The urban typology reinterprets the historical Chengdu urban fabric, where courtyard spaces are defined by individual blocks. The urban blocks are distinguished by their specific materiality which relates to traditional Chengdu local materials such as grey bricks, timber, and bamboo.

External spaces in Chengdu need cover and shade to ensure they are comfortable to use, and can compete with artificial internal, climatized environments. Multiple bamboo roofs filter and control the internal light and atmosphere with different directions and sizes, in a contemporary interpretation of the typical Chengdu roofscapes.