Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: 2018
Client: Kl├ępierre
Status: Invited Competition
Size: 13 000 m2 (Including: retail 66 800 m2, F&B 7000 m2, storage 4200 m2, services 20 000 m2)
Credits: ACME Team (Anne-Sophie Delaveau, Laurent Dubuis, Friedrich Ludewig, Matei Vlasceanu)
Situated on a very busy commercial strip, Boulevard Berlin is one of the most recent commercial centres that had the ambition of gathering in one single scheme a historical classified building, a public street and a Karstadt department store. However the complex layout and the multiple architectural languages blurring the overall identity urgently called for a redesign to tackle the decline in attendance. Before elaborating several options of interventions and defining the best strategy together with the client, we performed a careful assessment of the scheme.

The major interventions revolve around the circulation system as well as the overall identity and the visibility of the shop fronts. The main atrium is re-configured to become the core of the scheme, circulation is simplified in order to outline a fluid and continuous movement of the users.  Besides the tenant mix, we proposed to review the strategic location of anchor units and to reprogram the top floor. The identity has been reworked in order to reinforce the connection to the park by offering more transparent façade and F&B programme to benefit the view of the natural landscape.

The expression of the galleries has also been reshaped to communicate a clear identity of the different entities that form the whole: the 50s Wertheim and the “Boulevard” Gallery extending the exterior image from the park side.