Location: Coventry, UK
Date: 2011-2013
Client: Hammerson
Status: Concept Design
Size: 6,500 m²
Credits: ACME Team (Andrea Collar, Deena Fakhro, Stephen Harker, Friedrich Ludewig, Borja Madrazo Aguirre, Frederic Meurisse, Isabel de la Mora)
Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre was built controversially on the site of Broadgate Gardens in 1989, replacing a cherished green space and separating the city centre from its cathedrals. The existing scheme was never successful, remains only partially let and is generally disliked for its uninspiring visual appearance.
The proposed alterations strive to improve integration between scheme and context by improving the urban connectivity along its edges, creating an outward rather than inward-looking sequence of blocks. The façade is over-clad with red-pigmented concrete panels, creating a shell that pays homage to Sir Basil Spence’s Coventry Cathedral, with a material appearance akin to the local Hollington pink sandstone, seen in many of the city’s historic buildings. The entrance to the former internal concourse is removed to restore views to the cathedral spires, re-establishing a key concept of the city’s original 1950s masterplan.