Location: London, UK
Date: 2011
Client: Hammerson/Ballymore
Status: Feasibility Study
Size: 90,000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Julia Cano, Friedrich Ludewig, Claudia Orsetti, Ondrej Tichy, Keigo Yoshida, Adam Vukmanov)
The London Olympics and the expansion of the City have changed the perception of East London over the last few years, and forgotten areas such as Bishopsgate Goodsyard, that lay vacant for much of the 20th century, are suddenly surrounded by new shops, offices and apartments. The Goodsyard ceased freight operations before WWII, and little now remains of the old viaducts that carried trains into London.
ACME was asked to revisit our original 2008 masterplan to validate the assumptions made at the time and see what could be adjusted and updated in light of recent developments in the area.
Our 2011 masterplan retained the idea of a new elevated landscaped park, with a retail, bar and restaurant podium beneath that integrates routes from Bethnal Green, Shoreditch and Brick Lane. Above this public plinth are a number of office and apartment buildings that emerge from the park and enclose the East London Overground line. Each character area of the masterplan is designed with a degree of independence, so that both the masterplan and each individual building can evolve flexibly over time to enable the scheme to be delivered in standalone elements in response to changing markets.