Location: Tirley, UK
Date: 2011-2014
Client: Private
Status: Concept Design
Size: 100 sqm extention
Credits: ACME Team (Stephen Harker, Friedrich Ludewig, Isabel de la Mora)
Haw Farm occupies an ancient settlement site on the bank of the River Severn, and functioned as a cider and dairy farm for two centuries until a catastrophic fire in the 1950s destroyed the south wing of the house. After numerous acts of conversion and restoration of the remaining house and its outbuildings by the owners, a final new extension is needed to restore the pre-fire footprint and connect the house to the adjacent dairy and stables. This creates a cohesive interior space, adding new living spaces and bedrooms which will capitalise on the southern sun and views of the countryside.
The new extension reinstates the lost volume of the south wing, that can still be seen in remnants of the old walls, chimneys and floors. The rectilinear south facing elevation is then broken into faceted gabled façade elements that recall the dominant gable character of the various buildings across the site, and extruded along a curved path to unify the ridges with those of the stables and dairy.
Clad in continuous welded cor-ten steel, the extension is complimentary to the aged brick of the old farmhouse without merely replicating its period character. The ground floor is a light and sparsely furnished intermediary space intended to withstand periodic flooding from the river, while the roofscape above accommodates bedrooms and bathrooms.