Location: Maidenhead, UK
Date: 2014
Client: The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Status: Invited Competition
Size: 95.000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Paula Ibarrondo, Friedrich Ludewig, Francois Morelle, David Rieser, Sofia Stefannoni)
Maidenhead is a town in Berkshire, situated along one of the oldest river crossings of the Thames. Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Great Western Railway arrived in Maidenhead in 1839, bringing with it fast connections to London and leading to the growth of Maidenhead into a regional town. The York Road area is part of the Civic Part of the town centre and includes the grounds of Maidenhead Football Club (1870), the oldest football ground in the world continuously used by the same club.
We believe that sport grounds should be retained and integrated in city centres wherever possible, and not pushed out to the periphery. The proposals seek to provide Maidenhead Football Club with a new stadium with a covered seating capacity of 6,000, financed through the development of new residential and office space surrounding the pitch. Parking spaces have been located in a raised podium below the stadium for residents and match-day visitors.
A new linear public park is created alongside the currently inaccessible Cut river, and a new square connects the stadium to the High Street. The new public spaces, in conjunction with the rebuilt council offices and the new stadium, will retain important civic and leisure functions in the town, bring much needed residential and employment space into the centre, and add a number of new 21st century buildings to remember Maidenhead by.