Location: Toowoomba, Australia
Date: 2015
Client: QIC
Status: Concept Design
Size: 45,000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Lizy Huyghe, Brett Lambie, Friedrich Ludewig, Eleni Meladaki, Jan Saggu, Chris Yoo)
Toowoomba, also known as the ‘Garden City’, is situated in the Darling Downs region in the Australian state of Queensland. There are more than 150 public parks and gardens in Toowoomba and the city is nationally renowned for the annual Carnival of Flowers.
The project is located within the Grand Central Redevelopment situated in the Central Business District of Toowoomba.
The new extension to Grand Central seeks to transform a sterile and dated interior environment into a sequence of internal and external garden walks. New green pedestrian streets are created under trellis-inspired timber structures. Existing spaces are transformed through the creation of overhead flower gardens consisting of multicoloured aluminium petals. Floors are covered in a variety of encaustic tiles and timber finishes, thus creating an overall atmosphere and sequence of spaces characterised by local and honest, natural materials and colours.