Location: Melbourne
Date: 2014
Client: Lendlease
Status: Invited Competition
Size: Area 75,000m² residential, 4,000m² commercial, 2,000m² marina, 1,500m² cultural space, 22,000m² public space, 16,000m² parking
Credits: ACME Team (Sarah Blahut, Johnny Boucquet-Boom, Iria de la Peña, Cristian Gheorghe, Duarte Lobo Antunes, Friedrich Ludewig, Borja Madrazo Aguirre, Laura Patrizi, Eleni Meladaki, Theodore Perdios, Chris Yoo)
The Melbourne Docklands are located at the western edge of of the historic city centre, constructed in the late 19th century alongside the Yarra river. Since the 1970s, the advent of containerised ship traffic has resulted in the Victoria Dock falling out of use. The area has undergone a slow process of regeneration, and the land closer to the city centre has become the location of offices, residential towers, a new park and the Docklands Stadium. The masterplan for the North Wharf area seeks to create a new residential neighbourhood that preserves the unique features of the site. The North Wharf is a 500m long pier projecting into the water, with construction only possible in a narrow central strip.
The proposal removes car traffic from the ground through the creation of a shared podium that combines access, parking and residential uses in an arched concrete plinth structure. This allows all the quay of the North Wharf to become landscaped space, preserving the railway and craneway tracks and adding activation through pavilion structures. Residential and office building on the arched podium are arranged as a meandering sequence of towers that give every building east and west views, and a shared linear amenity level connecting all towers and creating a semi-public linear roofgarden.