Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: 2014
Client: QIC
Status: Concept design
Size: 4,000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Brett Lambie, Friedrich Ludewig, Chris Yoo)
Large scale developments are often devised and imposed by large corporations with little opportunity for the local communities to engage and shape their form and content. QIC, one of the largest pension funds in Australia, is keen to find new ways to work with local communities to ensure that suggestions, ideas, complaints and desires can be discussed in an open forum.
The Lab prototype to be tested for the first time in Eastland is intended as a community and event space that allows for a number of flexible uses. It should provide testing grounds to challenge old customs and to investigate alternatives, and a space for a large corporation to become personal and human. It provides a location where performances can take place, new forms of communication can be tested and vegetables can be grown. The pavilion is designed as a prototype, made from standard elements and able to be erected at short notice. The building is made entirely from scaffolding and plywood boards and can be re-configured at different proportions. The focus is for an engaging, interactive, open and welcoming space. Initially, it will be stationed at the Eastland site in Ringwood, with the view that the pavilion will travel onto other locations in the future.