Date: 2013-2017
Status: Completed
Credits: Architect: ACME (Nick Channon, Andrea Collar, Deena Fakhro, Friedrich Ludewig, Lucy Moroney, Paolo Moretto, Walee Phiriyaphongsak, Jan Saggau, Gemma Serra)
Executive Architect: The Buchan Group
Contractor: Probuild
Structural: AKT/ Hyder
Services Hoare Lea/ NDY
Project Management: Thinc
Quantity Surveyor: WT Partnership
Melbourne is a car-dominated city, with a dense city centre surrounded by a never-ending sprawl of suburban houses. People move by car to get to work, to go to school, to go shopping.
Eastland seeks to establish a regional centre in the suburbs of Melbourne that combines transport infrastructure with office work space, medium density housing, culture, leisure and retail uses. The long term ambition is that Eastland becomes one of a number of local centres that contribute to a more walkable, less car centric society. Long established behaviors habits are however hard to change, and for the immediate future, accessible and plentiful parking remains important for the success of Eastland.
The new buildings along Maroondah Highway contains a large new David Jones Department store and 1600 additional parking spaces over 5 parking levels. The building is covered with a ribbon-like façade, designed to be seen from a moving car. It uses two simple elements to create large scale patterns responding to the speed of perception from the highway. The two repetitive types of fins are used in different densities, and different rotations to create difference and interest along the length of the highway.