Location: Dubai
Date: 2017
Client: Meraas
Status: invited competition
Size: 48,000 sqm
Credits: Monica Capitano, Stefano Dal Piva, Christoph Emenlaurer, Katrina Hollis, Jon Iriondo Goena, Kevin Leung, Loh Li Zhi, Friedrich Ludewig, Jan Saggau, Thomas Soo, Azizah Sulor, Jack Taylor, Boni Yuen
Bluewater is a small man-made island just outside the Jumeirah Beach coastline. The majority of the island is occupied by 6-storey urban blocks, with two exceptions. On the eastern end of the central boulevard is Dubai wheel, the largest observation wheel in the world, on the western end is Bluewater Tower, a 43-storey residential building.
The tower is designed to be a very literal expression of the island’s identity as place created from and inspired by the sea. The form of the building is a singular flowing volume, curving to create a sense of fluidity and to accommodate a number of internal functional requirements.
Buildings in the middle east often provide no external solar shading and balconies that are way too exposed and never used. The Bluewater tower seeks to create a more sustainable, efficient shading façade, and to provide external spaces as shaded ‘summergardens’. At the heart of the tower sits a central core and a repetitive stack of efficient apartments. Each apartment has a number of summergardens, accessible via sliding doors, and clad in mirror-fritted glazing. A unique system of standardisation ensures that the tower, despite its appearance of  fluidity, only utilised 20% of curved glass. All internal finishes of the building are sourced from the sea, including travertine stone, mother of pearl, stingray leather and coral.