Location: London
Date: 2012-2021
Client: 4C Hotel Group
Status: Planning permission
Size: 25,000
Credits: ACME Team (Joao Bras, Rodrigo Cañizanes, Monica Capitanio, Anna Czigler, Friedrich Ludewig, Paolo Moretto)
Aldgate was one of the busiest medieval gateways into the city, with a rich historic and cultural background spanning centuries. Since the 1950s, Minories and the adjacent area have been the preferred location for the insurance industry. The design of the new Minories office responds to its wider context as part of the Aldgate Strategy and the commitment towards reinvigorating this significant part of central London.
Aldgate has a particular and unique mixture of contemporary commercial and residential environments, and the Minories development is a microcosm of its evolving context. The new office building will be situated on the main Aldgate High Street frontage, to provide employment space for financial and tech workers and repair the current urban void.
The massing is one large and simple volume carved on the bottom and on the upper corners to bridge over Underground tube lines and to create rooftop balconies. Arcades make the ground floor level permeable on the western and southern façades to create a high quality pedestrian environment. The main lobby is situated under the vaulted area facing Aldgate in response to the structural requirement to span over the underground. The solar shading on the façade helps to dissolve the large elevation, while differential colouring of the fins will create a subtle kinetic effect visible when moving around the building.