Location: Dubai, UAE
Date: 2015-2018
Client: Immuto
Status: Pre-Concept
Size: 3,000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Nicholas Channon, Friedrich Ludewig)
The traditional local houses of the Jumeirah quarter consisted of two level structures clustered around courtyards. This layout provided communal spaces on the lower level, and more private night-time spaces with natural exposure to cooling winds on the upper levels.
The Al Shafar proposals extend this typology into a mixed-use hotel and residential complex, where the ground floors are used as social spaces for restaurants and cafés, and duplex hotel rooms are provided above in a contemporary interpretation of the traditional form.
Inside, a souk-like atmosphere reigns, with pillars giving a regular rhythm to the space. The entire space is sheltered and shaded, yet permeable to allow for cross ventilation, supported by exposed concrete cooling through thermal mass, and the use of vertical wind towers for convection. Set above the street, the hotel is a cluster of one and two storey rooms, evolving the tradition of the historic Emirati houses. Rooms are arranged to feel like individual apartments rather than a traditional hotel, with views across the development towards the sea in the north. Most rooms have individual private gardens and outdoor terraces both at first floor level and on the second floor roofs.