Location: Khams Shamat, Syria
Date: 2011-2015
Client: Majid Al Futtaim
Status: Detailed design
Credits: ACME Team (Friedrich Ludewig, Walee Phiriyaphongsak)
Khams Shamat is a new development in Sabboura in the Syrian mountains, located 30 minutes from Damascus and 90 minutes from Beirut. This gateway bridge is the main entrance of Khams Shamat that leads travellers from the Damascus-Beirut Highway to the city centre, and part of the original master-plan we developed several years ago. The geometry of the bridge is Y-shaped, with bifurcated landings to two destinations.
The bridge seeks to minimize built structures where possible, seeking instead to modify and shape the landscape through the use of stone gabion to create abutments that allow for the continuity from landscape to hardscape. The horizontal language of layered tectonics is developed further where walls are required through of use of traditional Arabic ablaq treatments in light and dark tones.