Location: Derby, UK
Date: 2017
Client: Next
Status: Invited competition
Size: 7,000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Joao Bras, Constantine Lemos, Friedrich Ludewig, Irene Squilloni, Jack Taylor, Adriana Zurera)
Next is an international fashion retailer with roots in 19th century English tailoring. Their Derby store is intended to be a new prototype for the chain to test how standalone stores can create a more personal, and more haptic visitor experience.
Departing from the usual standard box, the proposal seeks to create more domestic scales and complexity by splitting into four boxes. Slight misalignments of the boxes serve to create views between them, and to create a courtyard at their centre, bringing daylight into the depths of the plan.
This courtyard acts as the new public heart of the building with a restaurant and café anchoring the corner. Use of timber columns and sculpted brick contributes to a sense of a warm and intimate space while retaining enough flexibility to hold temporary fashion shows or family days.
On the first and second floor, bridges of four to seven meters width link the boxes and act as circulation and display areas. Columns are used to humanise space on the inside whilst creating a recognisable motif for the Next brand externally.