Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 2012
Status: Invited Competiton
Size: 3,800 sqm (Phase 1)
Credits: ACME Team(Marie Isabel de Monseignat, Lizy Huyghe, Friedrich Ludewig, Frederic Meurisse, Claudia Orsetti, Golshid Varasteh Kia)
A new office building in Thonex should be highly flexible in its use, economic to build and with outstanding energy-conservation in its daily operation. But it should also be a special building, with a clear identity, inspired by its context and the prevalent skills and materials of the region. The office building should be developed inspired by Geneva's history of metal craftsmanship, both in its facade design and its internal organisation, to create a flexible plan, with an intelligent building skin incorporating controlled natural ventilation, adjustable metal louvers for passive shading and an appearance inspired by the precision and craft of watch movements and straps. The Building is designed to function as standalone building in Phase 1 and to be extended in Phase 2. In Phase 1, the building operates with a single reception on Route de Jussy, with one central lift and stair core and one secondary escape. Each floor is designed for open plan or partitioned office use along the perimeter, with the centre of each floor incorporating a small atrium void as well as meeting and break-out spaces. The structure and section of the building is designed to function either with traditional level floors or to work as a spiral configuration. As a spiral, office spaces along the perimeter are stepped slowly upwards, dissolving the distinction between levels and making circulation between floors possible on ramps. This arrangement could be tested and developed for single occupiers as multi-tenancy occupation.