Location: Dubai
Date: 2016
Client: private
Status: Concept design
Size: 1,555 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Ana Arebola Martinez, Friedrich Ludewig)
Set in the heart of Dubai Hills Estate, the first phase of Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City) and the largest real estate development of its kind in the Middle East, is Dubai Hills, a highly exclusive villa development. Dubai Hills Estate master plan features vast stretches of landscaped parks and gardens, winding walkways, and extensive open areas in the heart of Dubai.
The project is a new interpretation of the typical Courtyard House, the courtyard organization is appropriate to hot dry climates as it maximizes shading and allows for the creation of a pleasant microclimate. The introduction of plants and water feature with in the courtyard helps in cooling and humidifying the internal atmosphere. The courtyard make available, for all the family, the possibility of entertainment and creation of wider social life. It distributes and connects the different room of the house.
The proposal has a closed courtyard with multiples units around where the arches unify the space, and stand alone spiral stairs run from the basement through the floors.