Location: Dubai
Date: 2016
Client: Dubai Properties
Status: Concept Design
Size: 130,000 sqm
Credits: ACME Team (Iria de la Pena, Ifigenaia Dilaveraki Friedrich Ludewig, Irene Squilloni, Thomas Soo, Gulsah Unal, Boni Yuen)
Jumeirah Central is a new urban quarter located between Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and the Mall of the Emirates. Departing from the usual car-dominated masterplan, Jumeirah Central will be defined by a series of mixed use blocks connected by shaded pedestrian routes, interspersed with parks and urban squares.
The Market block will be one of the first blocks to be developed, and will test a number of assumptions made in the masterplan. The block is defined by six independent buildings which come together to create an internal shaded market between them. A large office building with internal shaded atriums and a solar fin facade defines the eastern side, and a 5 star hotel hotel the western side. Two residential towers with self-shading planted balconies define the corners of the block, a supermarket closes the corner to the street and a terraced restaurant building defines the edge of the major new park.
Each building stands on its own, and defines a series of urban routes and laneways between them. A tension concrete roof spans between the buildings, providing shade but letting air circulate between the buildings. The internal market emerges as a public space between the buildings, defined by the edges by the adjacent buildings, and activated by the inhabitants and flaneurs that use the internal space as a shaded urban route through the city.