Location: Norfolk
Date: 2017
Client: private
Status: Concept design
Size: 42 smq
Credits: ACME Team (Friedrich Ludewig, Ana Arebola Martinez)
The Broads are a network of navigable rivers and lakes in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. The iconic pumping mills of Norfolk are scattered all across the Broads. At their peak in the 19th century there were around 700 working windmills in Norfolk and the surviving ones are major landmarks in the Norfolk landscape today.
Hunsett Mill is a well-known historic grade 2 listed pumping mill, located on the river Ant in Stalham. The mill has been out of use since 1900, when an electric pump was installed nearby. Since that time, the internal mechanism of the mill and the water wheels have been lost, and only the original cap, fantail and brakewheel remain.
In order to retain the vertical space of the mill while making it usable for occupation, a series of tension wires create horizontal platforms floating in the air. Foldable furniture is fixed to the walls, ready to be unfolded to create spaces for living and sleeping. The visual permeability of the wires lets the user experience the entire vertical mill space while living, playing and sleeping on invisible platforms in mid-air.