Location: London City
Date: 2013-2021
Client: 4C Hotel Group
Status: Completed
Size: 15,500m² 340 hotel rooms
Concept Design: Luka Anic, Michel Bosauder, Monica Capitanio, Alia Centofanti, Anna Czigler, Lauren Evans, Catherine Hennessy, Katrina Hollis, Friedrich Ludewig, Flora Martinet, Matteo Modenese, Paolo Moretto, Elisha Nathoo, Ioana Petrova, Charles Pigott, Melanie Richardson, David Rieser, Gemma Serra, Penny Sperbund, Azizah Sulor, Nathalie Vanderiet, Laura Vitzthum, Tommy Yu  

Detail Design: Luka Anic, Michel Bosauder, Monica Capitanio, Anna Czigler, Friedrich Ludewig, Flora Martinet, Matteo Modenese, Paolo Moretto, Elisha Nathoo, Jolanda Putri, Penny Sperbund, Azizah Sulor, Laura Vitzthum, Hexuam Yu

Construction: Luka Anic, Michel Bosauder, Catherine Hennessy, Kevin Leung, Elli Liverakou, Friedrich Ludewig,  Miguel Martin, Eleni Meladaki, Matteo Modenese, Daniel Ovalle Costal, Maria Perez Vera, Charles Pigott, Jolanda Putri, Azizah Sulor 

Client’s Agent & Project Manager: Future54
Structural Engineer: AKT II / Curtins 
Services Engineer: RED Engineering / TClarke
Fire Engineer: BB7
Acoustic Consultant: Cole Jarman
Landscape Architect: Space-Hub
Sustainability Consultant: Stroma
Accessibility Consultant: David Bonnett Associates
Lighting Consultant: Nulty / TClarke
Access and Maintenance Consultant: Reef Associates
F&B Specialist: Humble Arnold Associates / Court Catering
Facade Consultant: Murphy Facade Studio
Planning: Gerald Ev

John Athimaritis
Hufton + Crow

Canopy by Hilton London City, the UK’s first Canopy by Hilton hotel, officially opened its doors in November 2021.  Set within the multi-million-pound Minories development, the 340-room hotel with architecture and interiors designed by ACME offers guests a truly authentic experience. The hotel design champions the local neighbourhood and celebrates London's East End. Inspired by the Huguenot silk weavers who settled in Spitalfields in the 17th century, crafted guest rooms and dining spaces feature floral patterns and woven fabrics reminiscent of the techniques employed by the Huguenots. In celebration of Whitechapel’s contemporary arts scene, artwork created by neighbourhood artists adorns the public spaces throughout the hotel. The hotel's public areas consist of restaurants, meeting rooms, a cafe and bar open to all.

The hotel’s rooftop restaurant, Florattica, is due to open early 2022. It will offer uninterrupted views of St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London.