Location: Dubai, UAE
Date: 2015
Client: Meraas/ Fendi
Status: Concept Design
Size: 125,000m² (hotel 40,000m², residences 67,000m², parking and services 17,000m²)
Credits: ACME TEAM:Luis Aguirre, Julia Cano, Monica Capitanio, Christopher Emenlauer, Joshua Harrex, Tom Hart, Jon Iriondo Goena, Friedrich Ludewig, Eleni Meladaki, Jack Taylor
CONSULTANTS: Engineering Buro Happold;
Local Architect: Brewer Smith Brewer Gulf;
Quantity Surveyor: Currie & Brown Holdings;
Landscape architect: Cracknell
Property advisor: Emaar Properties;
SPA specialist: Raison d’être
Lighting design: Lighting Design International
CGIs: Minmud
Hospitality Consultant: Justin Meath Baker 

Fendi was founded in Rome in 1925 as a fur and leather store, and has branched out into other parts of luxury fashion over the years. Karl Lagerfeld joined the house in 1965 and under his direction Fendi has become known for material experimentation, using traditional garments and furs in new, unexpected and ironic ways. Fendi’s headquarters is Mussolini’s Palazzo della Civiltà, in Rome. 
Fendi has decided to create the first Fendi Hotel, to be located in Citywalk, the only walkable urban district in Dubai, located close to Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai. The chosen site forms the edge for a major new landscaped park at the heart of Citywalk. 
It is an exciting challenge to take Fendi as a brand and develop it into an architectural identity, and a spatial experience. Fendi is a brand intimately connected to Rome, and the proposals have sought to create a contemporary interpretation of roman form and material. 
Nine buildings form the two wings of the development, defining the park edge and accommodating the Fendi residences and penthouses. The Fendi hotel at the centre is a slender tower clad in travertine arches, with a podium for restaurants and conferences and a three level roman spa reminiscent of the imperial thermal baths of Rome. Each floor of the tower contains a maximum of ten hotel rooms per floor, with sweeping park views from each room. Room finishes include handset marble terrazzo flooring, travertine walls and simple vaulted ceilings