Location: London
Date: 2017-2021
Client: Lendlease and LCR
Status: Construction
Size: 1.100 sqm
Credits: Architect: ACME (Mark Broom, Joshua Harrex, Sungbum Hong, Lizy Huyghe, Loh Li Zhi, Constantine Lemos, Friedrich Ludewig, Jan Saggau, Penny Sperbund, Azizah Sulor, Luca Tesio, Boni Yuen, Adriana Zurera)
Structural and Civil Engineer : Arup
Landscape: Gustafson Porter and Bowman
Service Engineer: Norman Disney & Young
Facade Consultant: Meinhardt
Infrastructure Engineer: Buro Happold
Acoustic: Hoare Lea 
Ecologist: Green Infrastructure


London’s Stratford has seen massive developments over the last 10 years, with the Elizabeth Park in the west and Stratford City with International Quarter to the east. Located between these two parts is the largest new footbridge constructed for the London Olympics in 2012. At the eastern side, where the bridge meets International Quarter, is a large new public space and the location of the Stratford Pavilion.

The Pavilion will house a visitor centre with a café, restaurants over two floors and a public rooftop terrace with amazing views over the Bridge towards the park and London Stadium. The building will act like an amphitheatre towards Endeavour Square, extending the public realm from the square to the roof, generating a number of lookout points and sitting places.

The extremely lightweight timber structure sits on top of a DLR tunnel, with no allowances for much additional weight or foundations. The building structure is made from cross-laminated timber panels and a glulam beams so that only shallow concrete foundations will be needed. The structure is based on a radial grid of prefabricated elements. Hardwood decking on the floor and laser-cut timber fins on the soffit define the surfaces, in contrast to the surrounding glass and metal façades.