13th of July 2020

Marsa Plaza, a new public square located in Muscat, Oman, is shortlisted for the Architect of the Year Awards 2020 in the Public Realm category. Looking out to the sea, this square forms a gathering point for the residents and passers-by of Al-Mouj, a new urban quarter stretching along the Gulf of Oman. With large canopies creating shade throughout the day, the design of the plaza pays homage to traditional Omani geometric patterns and vernacular architecture.


3rd of July 2020

Shoreditch was historically the centre of the furniture industry, and all the warehouses of the area used to house carpenters, cabinet makers and bedstead producers. Harris Lebus started trading from Tabernacle Street in 1885, and by 1899, his factory here was the largest furniture factory in the world, producing a wide range of veneered bedroom suites, dining ensambles and cabinets. ACME are currently taking over No 74 Tabernacle Street to extend our London office. To honour the tradition of the Shoreditch Furniture trade, we will be working with precious veneers for our new female toilets and our Curve Meeting room. Having considered veneer cuts of Ziricote, Rosewood and Mahagony, we have selected Royal White Ebony, the rarest of them all, as it has the craziest butterfly patterns. It was hard to imagine how the timber pattern would look like before the logs were split into sheets, but we are delighted with the first panel that has finally emerged from the veneer press. Panels should be with us in late July, and toilets ready for August when at least some of us hope to come back to the office.


1st of July 2020

Acme are delighted to be selected to join the Southwark Council framework for the procurement of new offices, retail and industrial projects over £10M. Set up by LHC for Southwark, the four-year framework will be used to procure approximately £10 million-worth of Southwark’s design services within the borough as well as projects with other public sector clients around London. We have worked in Southwark since we won our first major competition in the borough three years ago, and we look forward to build on this success over the next four years.


29th of June 2020

Swansea Central has progressed during the spring, with steel assembly teams working safely in pairs, socially distanced. The steel frame of the 3500 capacity multi-purposed arena has risen quickly over the last 6 weeks, revealing the size of the auditorium volume and showing the height of the flytower over the stage. Across the road, the new carpark and residential building is progressing at pace, with the steel topped out and the concrete frame reaching level 2. A new pedestrian bridge is currently being assembled off site, and the abutments and approach ramps on both sides are starting to take shape on each side. The frames for both buildings should be complete in July.


5th of June 2020

We are delighted that Bumpers Oast has been shortlisted  for the RIBA South East Regional RIBA Awards 2020.
Bumpers Oast is a 21st century house inspired by the vernacular structures of Kent that were traditionally used to dry hops for beer brewing. Five shingle-clad towers rise up a former apple orchard, creating an extremely low-energy contemporary home.


11th of May 2020

The new Council HQ in Melbourne is nearing completion. Our Library for Maroondah Council opened in 2016 on the new Eastland Town Square. Since then, we have worked with QIC on the next phases of the masterplan. 2018 saw the opening of our Sage Hotel, built over the retail and parking structures completed two years earlier. The next phase is the new Council Headquarter in Ringwood/Maroondah, constructed above the David Jones department store.
Maroondah Council needed a new council building that moved them closer to Realm, the new library, and the Council's constituents. The new office building is designed as a lightweight volume floating above the department store, linked with a bridge to the library. Angled timber fins provide shading to the glazed facades and ensure that the building achieves 5 Green Star rating for its highly sustainable features.
The concept design is by ACME for QIC, while Peddle Thorp has been appointed as Executive Architect from the Maroondah Council.
The building is due for completion in June 2020.


29th of April 2020

The erection of the steel frame for Swansea’s new 3,500 capacity Arena is gathering pace. Located between the marina and the city centre, the building will form the centrepiece of the Council's city centre regeneration. The assembly of the Arena structure should complete by July 2020 and will reach a height of 24 metres.
The steel frame work is being undertaken in innovative ways, to ensure safe, social distancing measures are adhered to. Each of these measures helps keep numbers down at any one time in any location on site, whilst allowing the work to continue to help protect Swansea’s future. Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart said: “The arena scheme is a transformational regeneration project that’s key to delivering a 21s tCentury Swansea. Once the crisis is over we will all be able to enjoy it."


21st of April 2020

The ACME London and Berlin offices might look deserted, but are magically alive and well, while everyone is safely at home. We continue to work at full capacity, with staff connecting to their office computers from their living room, balcony and garden.
We have quickly adapted to our regular meetings moving online. Some parts of communication take a bit more effort, some parts are getting a bit easier. We would not have imagined this four weeks ago, but the exchange of information, the sharing of knowledge and a drink together after work can function surprisingly well from home. We are certainly learning new ways of working, and it will change our thinking about work and collaboration long after this virus has passed.
We are grateful for the continuing support from you, our friends, clients and partners as we get through the coming weeks and months, distant in some ways, close in others.


17th of April 2020

ACME London is expanding. We moved into Tabernacle Street 5 years ago, occupying the ground and first floor of the building. Our landlord has managed to vacate the other floors over the last few years, and we have signed a new lease to take over the whole five floors of the building.
In mid February, we have started refurbishment works, stripping the floors back, demolishing 1960s toilets and polishing the concrete floors. We intend to use some of the new floors ourselves and invite a number of friends to join us. 
The long-term plan is to create a community building with a flower shop and lunchtime restaurant on the ground floor, a tequila bar and furniture workshop in the basement, hairdresser on the second floor, and a rooftop garden and terrace. While all ACME staff have been working from home over the last weeks, the contractor has worked with a reduced team to finish some of the most noisy and disruptive building works, and we remain on target to finish the works in time for a proper summer party with friends and family, once we're all allowed out again.


2nd of April 2020

Oval staircases will link the floors at the SAB Bank HQ. The stair design was guided by a desire for lightness and openness. The steps smoothly emerge from a supporting wall, to create the impression that the staircase is floating.  The construction of the staircase was a technical challenge due to the complex shape and the curvature of the soffit. To replicate the geometry, Doka opted to 3d-printing the most complex part of the formwork on the basis of a detailed 3D CAD model developed and provided by ACME. Using Powder Binder Jetting Printers, the elements of the formwork were produced with a gauge of 21mm in thin layers of sand and resin. The precision printed formwork allowed assembly on the site within hours. This was the first time that 3d printing for formwork had been used at scale in a commercial project in Germany. Using this innovative process enabled the construction team to save time and to obtain a smooth and seamless concrete mould and showed ways how complex geometry can be delivered cost effectively on site.
Image credits: DOKA