20th of September 2017

Victoria Gate and WestQuay Watermark have been shortlisted in the Re:new and Re:lax categories at the REVO Gold Awards. The Gold Awards celebrate the best examples of development and innovation in the retail property and placemaking sector. The winners will be announced on the 6th of December.


15th of September 2017

Over the last 6 month, extensive earthworks have taken place to dredge Folkestone Harbour and raise the land levels behind the beach as future flood defence. These works have now been completed and a new boardwalk has been installed at the crest of the raised shingle beach. The 800m long wooden walkway connects the Lower Leas Coastal Park and the Folkestone Harbour Arm. 
The boardwalk is made from 1960s railway sleepers, made from extremely tough tropical hardwood that is saltwater resistant. The shape of the boardwalk corresponds to the Folkestone Harbour masterplan which will be built behind it. 
During the Folkestone Triennial (2 September – 5 November 2017), several artworks are accessible from the new path, including Out of Tune by A K Dolven, a holiday home by Richard Woods, Jelly Mound Pavilion by Lubaina Himid and Casa Anacaona by Sol Calero. 


12th of September 2017

We are delighted that Robina Town Centre has won the Queensland Retail Property of The Year for 2017, and Excellence awards for marketing and food retailing.

The expansion of Robina Town Centre seeks expands the previously indoor nature of the Town Centre to create a new civic square. The Kitchens, the new fresh food market works with local artisans and food producers to shape a new destination that combines fresh food shopping, cooking, tasting, learning and eating.

Coles Mall, Central Market and South Mall are unified by an undulating timber clad roof creating shaded apertures. A series of south-facing notches, like gill slits, brings daylight inside with minimal solar gain. Inside, the volume evokes a reversed nave, defined by the regular ribs and layers of locally sourced honey-coloured timber.


8th of September 2017

Folkestone Harbour viaduct was built in 1843 by the South Eastern Railway Company, and was designed by William Cubitt, Chief Engineer of the line. The structure crosses the harbour with 13 arches. The current steel swing bridge replaced the orginal  timber bridge in 1930. In its heyday, this viaduct carried the Boat trains from London to Folkestone Harbour station, connecting via boat to Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. Since the Channel tunnel has opened, ferry traffic has receeded, and the harbour station has fallen out of us. This has allowed the reuse of the Viaduct as a new public and pedestrian space, linking the Old High Street to the Harbour arm. Work is ongoing to transform the Harbour Station, which is scheduled to open to pedestrians in October.

Watch drone footage: Link
Credits: Freddie Lee Thompson


4th of September 2017

The fourth edition of the Folkestone Triennial has opened on Saturday; this year's topic is "Double Edge". We were delighted to collaborate with Diane Dever and the Decorators to complete the Urban Room. This work is located in parts of the old Customs House and creates a reading room and place for discussions about Folkestone's past and its future.


30th of August 2017

Six years after our first proposal, the first phase of Victoria Gate in Leeds is coming to its end. The facade on George streets are now fully complete, with both rooftop restaurants open to the public through the new timber staircase. The shades of the brick, terracotta and Corten cladding are designed to work in harmony with the historic buildings of Victoria Quarter built around 1900. 
We look forward to see future developments on the Market side of George Street, opposite Victoria Gate, and a new entrance to the Playhouse at the bottom of George Street, to complete the urban regeneration of this historic route. 


21st of August 2017

Our Sage Hotel in Melbourne has seen the completion of the cladding works, in anticipation of the opening in September.

Falling like a fabric curtain, the fritted glass curtain wall envelops the volume of the hotel, with a drapé effect created through the use of two different fabric pattern templates. The vertical folds and the fritted pattern  suggest lightness, and an abstract sense of movement. At night, the volume turns into a magic lantern, with filtered light emerging from the rooms.

The hotel is part of the ongoing extension and repositioning of Eastland, and has been constructed over the retail and parking elements of the East Mall. Provisions had been made in the foundations and columns for a future over-build development in 2015, and the success of Eastland has allowed the hotel to come forward just 2 years later. The next stages of Eastlands expansion will see additional office developments emerge around our town square, due for occupation in the next 2-3 years. 


15th of August 2017

Victoria Gate and Eastland have been shortlisted for best Shopping and Mixed use buildings at the WAF Awards 2017.
Eastland Melbourne is a new town square surrounded by commercial units and restaurants, a new David Jones department store, the public realm and a new central library as part of the extension of the existing Eastland Centre. 
The Victoria Gate Arcade is designed as a two storey, twin arcade with a complex roofscape continuing the grand history of Leeds’ 19th century arcades.


10th of August 2017

The first aerial pictures have arrived showing the completed Victoria scheme in the urban context of Leeds. The Multi-storey car park, John Lewis Store and the Victoria Gate Arcade are the first phase of a larger regeneration project, and it was important to us that the first phase gives flexibility for future developments to come forward. The buildings appear as three distinct elements with individual identities that relate to each other and the vernacular of Leeds. New streets and connections create movement into and through the spaces, reconnecting disparate part of the city.


4th of August 2017

We are delighted that Victoria Gate has been shortlisted for three categories, Urban Regeneration,Commercial Building and Innovative Use of Brick and Clay Products at the Brick Awards 2017.
The exterior of new arcade building evolves from the 19th and 20th century language of the surrounding Blomfield and Victorian brick and terracotta buildings in Leeds, and consists of sculpturally pleated brick elevations, changing in rhythm and scale to respond to the context. The bricks have been specially selected with Ketley to ensure that they will weather well when exposed to Yorkshire rain, and have been pointed off site as prefabricated units with concrete backing by Thorp.
The winner projects will be announced on the 9th of November 2017.