12th of January 2021

ACME will speak in the Forum "Facing the Future", for BAU Online, the German Building Congress. Friedrich Ludewig will outline in a few projects how emerging 3D tools are affecting how we manage complexity, and how BIM is changing the way we communicate and evaluate space. The talk on Friday the 15th at 1pm (GMT+1) and will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Boris Schade-Bünsow, the Editor of Bauwelt. Registration here.


8th of January 2021

The ACME Carbon Audit for year 2019-20 is complete. We have used 85t of Carbon, through heating and power, commuting, coffee and milk, paper and corporate travel, equating to 1.2t per employee. We have offset this Carbon through the planting of trees in UK schoolyards. The Audit also summarizes the carbon embodied in the projects we designed during the year. We are proud that the majority of our projects are now timber buildings, locking carbon within the structure. However, the embodied carbon of our buildings remains very large, with much to do in the coming year to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings. The Audit is available here: link. Please feel free to copy our methods and sources, it is high time for all of our industry to move to Net Carbon Zero.

HAPPY 2021

1st of January 2021

Happy 2021 from everyone at ACME.