25th of July 2018

ACME has received unanimous planning approval for a new timber pavilion in  Stratford. The building will act as a focal point for the central space of the International Quarter development. It will mark the transition from the dense urban fabric of the International Quarter to the more open landscape context of the river Lea, the Aquatics, the future East Bank and the Elizabeth Park.

We designed the adjacent Olympic Bridges over 12 years ago, very much with a future legacy in mind, and we’re delighted to be back all those years later to contribute to the legacy of the games and create a small building to anchor the public space of the International Quarter and provide a place for events, for celebrations and to pause and watch the world go by.

The pavilion will house a visitor centre with a cafe, restaurants over two floors and a public rooftop terrace with amazing views over the Bridge towards the park and London Stadium. The public realm will extend from the square to the roof, generating a number of lookout points and sitting places from which to enjoy the views.
We have been working with Lendlease for some time to develop innovative timber structures, and we are delighted that this pavilion will be the first timber structure developed with them to receive planning.


17th of July 2018

Some keen Leeds citizens have noted in late 2016 that the John Lewis Building in Leeds was not finished. While the store is certainly open and trading, the facade has a few blank areas, where our planning drawings showed glazed terracotta.

The original supplier of the material had gone into liquidation during the construction period, and it took a long time to develop an alternative product with new suppliers and to get the right warranties. We have finally inspected the new mock-up with the new tiles this week.

The decorative pattern is created by terracotta tiles coated in a bronze metallic finish, inspired by the rich terracotta heritage from the former Burmantoff terracotta works located close-by.
We designed 4 hexagonal tiles, which can be rotated during installation to create the appearance of a random, non-repetitive pattern.
The terracotta tiles were pressed in Germany by NBK. The innovative metallic coating is by Teamwork in Italy. The mock-up was built by Adept in Nottingham.


4th of July 2018

Bath-, rest- or washroom, lavatories, toilets, privy, loo, WC, whatever we call this place, we all go there approximately 2,500 times a year. We rarely spend much time there. Any opportunity to design a fleeting experience, a mesmerizing place that can continue to surprise and entertain. Inspired by the works of Jeppe Hein and Yayoi Kusama, the faceted mirrors create a vision of moving, fractured infinity, enhanced by kaleidoscopic lights. Wash basins made from plates of Mirror Polished steel, dryers and cubicles hidden behind mirrors. A toilet experience that is making the brief time spend here a bit more memorable.


27th of June 2018

Our multi-storey car park in Leeds Victoria has been shortlisted as one of 10 projects for the World's coolest car park 2018. Voting is open until 8th of July.


26th of June 2018

Watermark Westquay has won the 2018 Schueco Awards for Commercial Building of the year.
Entries have been judged on innovation, technical skill and collaboration to deliver architectural intent.
The building is defined by a soaring cantilevered cinema volume wrapped in curving stainless steel tubes that projects out over a new public plaza.
Below the cinema, a two-storey glazed body houses restaurants and a winter garden, while a more solid precast concrete plinth grounds the scheme. Both these curved facades utilize a number of  cladding profiles and louvres to express the horizontal layering of the building, to create depths and shadow and give solar protection to the wintergarden.


22nd of June 2018

Robina Market won the Queensland Architecture Awards for Commercial Building of the year 2018.  The award was created by the Australian Institute of Architects with the aim of promoting good architecture in Australia and internationally.

The judges singled out the contribution that Robina Market makes to unify Robina Town Centre, to open it to the outside and create a space embracing the surrounding open landscape, and to transform a previously utilitarian space into a new, unique destination for locals and tourists.

The awards ceremony will take place in November.


20th of June 2018

As part of the Negroni Talks series hosted at Ombra during the London Festival of Architecture, Friedrich Ludewig will be among the speakers of the talk 'Ending the architecture export' on the 25th of June.

The event organised by Fourthspace provides a ‘freespace’ for an open discussion around architecture and the role it plays in shifting the identity of places, spaces and groups.

Together with Paul Finch, Emilia Terragni and Vicky Richardson, Friedrich will discuss how the London design landscape will adapt post-Brexit and how we can make the best of unexpected circumstances.


15th of June 2018

We are currently working on a number of large scale projects involving commercial urban indoor farming. So before we unleash ACME Salad on everyone else, we thought we should try it on ourselves.
We have completed our first Vertical Hydroponic Urban Farm in our London office. Utilizing a brass shelving designed for this purpose, we have installed three different hydroponic systems; NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) channel systems for growing herbs such as Basil and Mint, DWC (Deep Water Cultivation) Systems for growing lettuces, and trays for growing Microgreens and Edible Flowers. The plants are grown under a variety of LED grow lights, timed to emit light throughout the day.
We are now growing 20 varieties of salads and herbs for our office lunches.At the same time, we are monitoring the energy and water usage to better understand efficiency and to evaluate quality of produce versus energy input.


7th of June 2018

On the 17th of June, ACME will take part in the London to Brighton bike ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation, the heart charity and the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research. Our team of eight talented archicyclists will ride 54 mile to raise money that will help to undertake pioneering research into many different heart conditions, their diagnosis and treatment. We are grateful for any support of the riders and the cause, all money raised will go directly to the British Heart Foundation.


16th of May 2018

Against strong international competition, Watermark WestQuay has won two Prix Versailles in Paris, for Best Shopping Centre Europe and for Best Shopping Centre Worldwide. The ceremony was held on May 15th at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The jury included the president of UIA Thomas Vonier and a number of renowned architects, among them Manuelle Gautrand, Wang Shu and Ma Yansong.