Location: RUSSIA
Date: 2010
Status: Invited Competition - 1st Prize
Size: 200,000m2?
Credits: ACME Team (Marc Dufour-Feronce, Deena Fakhro, Melina Girardi, Xiker Leoz, Friedrich Ludewig, Lisa Sommerhuber, Adam Vulkmanov)
Consultants: AECOM
In the last 20 years, Russian towns like Pedrozavodsk have been undergoing a period of de-industrialization: old factories in industrial towns have been closing down while new ones have yet to spring up in their place. This presents serious problems for urban planning: Russia today has many towns and cities in which factories that were formerly the core of a place’s development are now at a standstill and constitute a disused and ruined urban space. In many imperial or socialist cities, factory buildings are the foundation of the urban fabric. Factories shape the scale of the towns in which they stand, storing the town’s memory and determining its identity. The now derelict Alexandrovsky plant in Pedrozavodsk was the most important producer of ammunition and heavy tractors in Russia for 150 years, leaving behind a wealth of history and abandoned factory buildings. The Masterplan treats the industrial zone of the Alexandrovsky plant as a historical landscape that is open to universal transformation. The proposed strategy is one of preserving the surviving architectural structures, with close attention being paid to opportunities for converting these buildings for housing, education, trade, public space, offices, hotels and culture. New buildings are strategically inserted to create a revived mixed-use urban environment, which is reincorporated into the town and serves as a focus for the latter's development.