Location: Guilford, UK
Date: 2009
Client: Private
Status: Concept Design
Size: 300 sqm
Credits: ACME ( Julia Cano, Nick Channon, Friedrich Ludewig, Andreas Reeg)
The Gerrins Horsley brief required a renovation and extension to an existing house located in a quiet, residential suburb of Guildford. The design celebrates the use of knapped flint work, a locally sourced, resilient stone once common within the area, but which has declined in use in recent years. Whilst the existing building shell of the original house is retained, the roof is extended down to provide additional internal floor area and living spaces. Opposing a typical approach for an open plan interior, the design instead favors the creation of a multitude of individual rooms which can be opened or closed depending on varying family requirements. A combination of airy double height spaces and visual framed connections throughout the home ensure that every room maintains a common relationship with the extensive front and back garden. In this way, the surrounding woodland becomes an intrinsic backdrop and part of all life within the house. Varying layers of materiality, texture and colour provide an architectural palette distinguishing the existing with the new, conceptually framing the idea of a ‘house within a house’.