Date: 2008
Size: 278 SQM
Credits: ACME Team: (Stefano Dal Piva, Michael Haller, Friedrich Ludewig, Andreas Reeg)
Forest House is located in a forest clearance, surrounded by mature trees. Local planning regulations stipulate that the house must be building at one specific location of this clearance. Often, houses are build away from the forest, as the forest is perceived as dark and foreign. This house tries to overcome this distance and blur the boundary between inside and outside, house and forest. In order to give each family member an equal relationship to the forest and to each other, the house is designed so that all private spaces are oriented only to the forest, and all communal spaces are oriented towards each around parts of the forest. In each room, every user will be in a private forest, but in all open spaces, the family will be in a communal forest that becomes part of the life of the house.